Bodybag image


by ITCH Productions

Based on a proposition by Des Fleming & Alice Bishop and developed in collaboration with Hop Dac, Ngaire Dawn Fair, Carla Jane McCallum & Peter Stratford.

‘Drugs, delirium and dead celebrities…’

A dark comedy about addiction and the cult of celebrity. A man’s attempt to escape the reality of his life has a devastating effect on the veneer that holds his disjointed world together. A talented artist, Monty, undergoes cocaine withdrawal following a serious car accident. As he floats in a hallucinatory state he encounters three timeless icons of classic Hollywood – Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis Presley who compete with Monty’s family for his love and life.


‘Rich in character, inventive, tightly directed and skilfully performed.’
Herald Sun


Production History

In August 2008, Alice and Des had a number of conversations about what story to tell next. The themes of ‘celebrity’ and ‘addiction’ kept arising, in particular a curiosity to explore the point where these two dynamics meet. Eventually we decided to fulfil a long held ambition we both had, to build something collaboratively with actors, writer and director. Taking the life of Montgomery Clift as our starting point, we embarked on a creative journey that was both challenging and uplifting. Bodybag premiered in June 2009.

Cast & Creative Team


  • Ngaire Dawn Fair
  • Des Fleming
  • Carla Jane McCallum
  • Peter Stratford

Creative Team

  • Director Alice Bishop
  • Writer Hop Dac
  • Composer Biddy Connor
  • Lighting Design Richard Vabre
  • Set & Costume Design Alice Bishop
  • Stage Manager Suze Smith
  • Producer Des Fleming